Please cite the following papers when you publish results using the server:

Kozakov D, Grove LE, Hall DR, Bohnuud T, Mottarella SE, Luo L, Xia B, Beglov D, Vajda S The FTMap family of web servers for determining and characterizing ligand-binding hot spots of proteins Nature Protocols 2015 10(5):733-755. (Link)

Ngan CH, Hall DR, Zerbe BS, Grove LE, Kozakov D, Vajda S FTSite: high accuracy detection of ligand binding sites on unbound protein structures Bioinformatics 2012 28: 286-287. (PubMed)

Brenke R, Kozakov D, Chuang GY, Beglov D, Hall D, Landon MR, Mattos C, Vajda S. Fragment-based identification of druggable 'hot spots' of proteins using Fourier domain correlation techniques. Bioinformatics. 2009 Mar 1 (PubMed)

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