NGL Viewer Mouse Controls

Rotate the view around the center of the canvas
  • Left-mouse drag
  • One-finger drag
Translate the view and move the center of rotation
  • Right-mouse drag
  • Two-finger drag
  • Ctrl left-mouse drag
Zoom the view in and out
  • Scroll-wheel
  • Two-finger pinch
  • Shift left-mouse drag
Show information (tooltips) about the object close to the mouse
cursor or finger tap such as atoms or bonds
  • Mouse hover
  • Finger tap
Move the clipping/focus planes in and out
  • Shift scroll-wheel
Combination "Move the clipping/focus planes in and out"
and "Zoom the view in and out"
  • Middle-mouse drag
  • Shift-ctrl scroll-wheel


My question isn't answered here, how can I reach you?

Please use the contact form on our lab website


The interface for submitting jobs is show below. If you are using a structure from the PDB, you should specify the PDB id and chains, otherwise, you may upload your own PDB file. Note that any HETATM records are stripped out, removing any ligands in the file. Below, the user has decided to map chain a of the PDB id "3lck".

Upon submission of a job, you will see a success message as below. When the job is complete, you will receive an e-mail with a link to the results.

After receiving an e-mail with your results, you will have two ways of viewing the results. Firstly, the server will send a PyMOL session containing the protein, the detected sites, and the residues that surround the site. For those unfamiliar with PyMOL, a web interface for viewing the results is linked to in the e-mail.

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